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Nico Lindsay & Exo Remedy - On My Mind [Review]

On My Mind is the heavily grimy new EP from Grime scene pioneers Exo Remedy and Nico Lindsay. All five tracks have some of the best Grime beats I’ve heard for a long time, and the lyrical power to back up the beat.

From start to finish, On My Mind delivers the grimy sound we don’t really hear as much these days. The sounds are still evident in the underground scene, but it seriously deserves more widespread credit. All the MC’s and producers that the public consider Grime at the moment, aren’t really emphasising Grime in the charts or with their albums. It’s EP’s like this that keep Grime going, keep giving it that original edge and something you will instantly recognise as a sound that takes you back to the birth of Garage and Grime.

(Photography by Kids of Grime)
 Exo Remedy is somewhat of a ‘don’ to the Grime scene. No one can disregard that. His beats created for this EP are unique to each other. However, components of them are similar, such as the affect it has on the listener, taking you back to a place where Grime was growing, exciting and original.

The hard beats, and grimy sounds are complimented by the word play, and flow of Nico Lindsay. These two seem to have struck a partnership where-by they are both extremely credible by themselves, but combining their sound has enhanced each other, and lifted the Grime sound a further notch.

Audio sampler of the On My Mind EP

There are not many, if any bad things I can say about this EP. First time I listened to it I thought, "yeah you know, that’s good". Second time around I’m quite taken aback with its all round production. Exo is a genius in the scene, and Nico has got a huge amount of talent to offer.

This EP is one of them ones that I’ll treasure and look back on and think, that was unreal.

Words by @LukeYouNeek

Pick up the On My Mind EP via iTunes, Amazon, Juno or now.