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Video: Dizzee Rascal - Pagans

Dizzee is currently putting out some of the best music he's made for years. Hooking up with Footsie for the production side of things for his previous few tracks was a good decision. His videos have been original and creative too. It looks like Dizzee Rascal is on the come up again.

Video: Hardy & Proton - Keep On Rolling

"Keep On Rolling" featured on Hardy's mixtape "Indecisive" which was released last year. The track recently got a visual shot for it by SB.TV. View it after the break with Proton on the feature.

Video: Tempa T - Box On My Head

No hook, just straight bars from Tempa T for "Box On My Head". Tempz flows over a Swifta Beater production for his latest track and video. Catch this on Tempz forthcoming release "It's Bait, It's Bait".

Audio: Jammz - PS013 & PS014

Although Jammz only features briefly during this set, this (013) is probably the best "Pirate Session" set yet. That's purely down to the fact there's some many top MC's in one room. You'll catch PS014 after the break too.

Audio: D Power Diesle Feat. Jendor - Grime Ambassador

Diesle keeps the new music off "Progress III" coming. This time around OG'z Jendor makes a feature. The beat was produced by Jammz.