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Free Download: Dream Mclean - Bruises

Dream Mclean can't stop putting out new music. Here's one that didn't make the cut for "Greyscale". Greaf ironically produced "Bruises". Download the track via Dream Mclean's Facebook page.

Free Download: Proton - 7 God (Drake 6 God Freestyle)

Last week we had a Drake cover from Koder, this week it's Proton's turn. The thing is Proton has upped the anti a little, converting Drake's "6 God" into his own "7 God".

Radio Rip: Kid D & Wiley - Love Magnet

So it seems Kid D is single-handedly trying to bring R&G back. I'm very happy about that myself. It's been a while since the sub-genre of Grime has been about. The days of Kano and Davinche are long gone, but there's a new dawn on the arisen. Kid D is leading the new generation and called upon the help of Wiley for "Love Magnet"Check out the "R&G EP" preview after the jump. It's set to be release via No Hats, No Hoods.

Audio: Tre Mission - Hit A Lick

Unreleased new music from across the Atlantic. You've probably heard Tre spit a couple of these bars before on a set/freestyle, especially the hook.

Radio Rip: Starkey Feat. Trim - They Don't Know Me

Another Starkey production today, this time it's Trim riding the riddim. MistaJam got the premier of "They Don't Know Me" recently. Catch this track on Starkey's "BA66 EP" which is out on 4th November.

"It's Trim saying Grime's dead and I ain't bringing it back..."