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Free Download: Nevermind Feat. Footsie - Don't Get Gassed

The audio of Footie's new single has been flung up on Soundcloud. If you listen to any half-decent Grime DJ's show, you'll have probably heard this track by now. The Newham General has linked up with producer Nevermind for "Don't Get Gassed". Surprisingly, it's a free download. The Nevermind "Part One" EP is out on the 29th July via Trouble & Bass.

Video: Benny Scarrs breaks down a typical record contract

Whilst Benny Scarrs may not be a Grime artist, this video makes interesting viewing. Scarrs breaks down a typical record contract. This includes the artists advances, PR, studio time etc. It's worth a watch certainly.

Audio: Professor Green Feat. Thabo, CAS & Dream Mclean - Not Your Man Remix

It's good to see Professor Green put Dream Mclean and CAS on a higher platform and exposing them to a wider audience. They're two of the best out of the UK in my opinion. Top ten defiantly. I was expecting some a lot more obscene and darker from the pair though. Never-the-less, overall it's a decent track.

Free Download: Klimeks - Shards

Klimeks is really cementing his own lane at the moment within music. He's been putting out and continuous stream of quality, relaxed and simple beats for a while now. There's nothing too overly complicated with his productions. They're easy and just work. Here's his latest which he's called "Shards".

Audio: OZZIE & HRLY - Offender

The other day OZZIE dropped a twenty-plus release, but he's still got a bag of tracks in his archive ready to be unleashed. "Offender" is a joint production with HRLY. This is the first track I've heard from HRLY and had to check out his Soundcloud for me. It was worth it. Follow him here.