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Free Download: OUAG Mix Series // #7 // DJ Argue

Spindark Record's DJ Argue has put together the seventh mix of the OUAG series. The mix features tracks from Jammz, Row D and Wiley. Whilst you'll also catch beats by Masro, Lolingo and Innke. Check out the full tracklisting after the break.

Exclusive Audio: Sense feat. Big Shizz & Lusion - Think You're Bad

Exclusive new track taken from Sense's forthcoming "Loud EP",which is out in February. "Think You're Bad" features Lusion and Big Shizz who also produced the beat. "Think You're Bad" is straight Grime with a deeper message.

Video: Skepta's Interview with P&P

Whilst Boy Better Know were over in New York, Skepta met up with Pigeons and Planes for an interview. Skepta talked about taking Grime from the streets of London to the US, whilst Jammer also had a little say during the filming too.

Video: #UKGGold (Ep.1) Pay As You Go Cartel - Champagne Dance

So LinkUp TV are running a new series regarding the rise of UKG. For the first episode they take it back to where it all really kicked off, "Champagne Dance". You'll catch interviews from the people involved at the time explaining how, why, where, when and who made it all happen. If you don't know your history of UKG, this is the time to find out.

Video: Tinie Tempah - Demonstration: How You Do A Tour (Full Length)

It was over a year ago we got the last documentary from Tinie Tempah regarding his tour. Now with another one under his belt, it's time for another documentary too. This time around it was filmed by Noisey.