Video: Devlin in #SiansStudio

Devlin is back again. Devz stepped into Sian's studio on 1Xtra to drop a freestyle over Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga" instrumental. A Grime beat or even the Rynsaman remix would have been better though.

Video: Shizz & Dirty Danger - Bow E3

These one-take music videos are the new in-thing it seems in Grime. Shizz and Dirty Danger team up for a new track named after the area they're from, "Bow E3".

Audio: Spooky - The Caustic Test Drive

Whilst playing around with the demo of Caustic, Spooky came up with this beat. He classed it as "too good to throw away" and decided to upload the mellow instrumental to Soundcloud instead.

Video: London Boiler Room Grime Set - BBK, Newham Gens, Tempa T + More

Since the official video from Boiler Room hasn't gone up yet, someone decided to record the show themselves and upload it. This was at the A$AP Mob takeover event with several DJ's taking to the decks throughout.

Video: Newham Generals - Soundboi Killa

Easily the best video released in Grime this year. Creativity wise anyway. The idea behind the video is that Toddla T hires the Newham Generals to take out stereotypical copycat Grime MC's. "MC Gunfingerz" was the chosen target.